Stone Cladding Letter Box

Rustic stone cladding/stacked stone transforms this letter box into an architecture feature.

A great example of landscaping design utilise stone cladding to enhance overall effect of your garden.

Easy Fix Outdoor Stone Cladding

Easy Fix for Outdoor Stone Cladding

Stone cladding should be adhered to 9mm BCG stone sheeting which can be purchased at Bunnings Warehouses.

Fix sheet as per instructions and prime sheeting with CTA adhesive ECO PRIME WB.

Recommended products to use:  CTA ULTRAPRO.

Stone Cladding can also be applied to brickwork, prime with CTA ECO PRIME WB and fix with CTA ULTRAPRO.

Pre-made corners of Rustic stone cladding

Try using pre-made corners  for our rustic cladding. The final result is excellent and it saves time and money during installation.

Fixing Stone cladding

Clean up any adhesive spills immediately during the fixing process of stone cladding.

Outdoor Stone Cladding Colour Change

Outdoor Stone Cladding Colour Change – How to Solve it?

Some stone cladding/stacked stone may have minerals present which may change in colour (become slightly red in colour) over a period of time.

This can be treated, by a professional, with oxalic acid and water or left as it is not harmful to the stone.

As shown in this picture is outdoor stone cladding for pool coping surround walling, create serenity in landscaping design.