Bluestone Pavers Water Feature

Bluestone Pavers – Water Feature Exterior Landscaping

Our Bluestone pavers are suitable for exterior landscaping. this large format stepping stones water feature in this beautiful in the Adelaide Hills.

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Stacked Stone Cladding Entrance Walling

Combining stone cladding with other complimentary architectural and landscape design elements, ensures this front entrance of new home will retain it’s simple beauty well into the future.

Black Slate Stacked Stone Cladding

Slate Stacked Stone commenced its life as a feature wall cladding typically used with few other complimentary architectural features.

This is a good example of that type of approach, using black Slate stone cladding as face feature wall for front entrance.

How Stone Cladding Joint to Timber Posts

This project demonstrates how Rustic stone cladding joint to natural timber posts. This rustic appearance stacked stone used multi colour Slate as raw material, great for outdoor landscaping.


Rustic Stacked Stone Cladding

This restaurant choose Rustic Stacked stone Cladding to make an impression.

Stacked stone cladding is commonly utilised as feature walls due to it’s durability and cost saving characteristics compared to other construction method.